S.M. (Sageed) Kunhiraman

Sageed M. Kunhiraman is trained as a ship master. In 1983, after completing compulsory military service in Singapore, he joined the national shipping company as a trainee deck officer. He served 13.5 years at sea.  During these formative years, he began to realize the inalienable rights of individuals to be safe and the importance of managing safety. Thus started his quest for Safety Management

From 1997 till early 2014, Sageed was employed as a safety professional by a Dutch multi-national company serving the maritime industry. The first six years were in Singapore and the remaining in The Netherlands. He served at different levels of the company, culminating as their head of safety in 2008. During these years, with the opportunities graciously afforded to him by the company, he progressively developed his professional and academic skills in Safety Management.

As Sageed applied these skills to improve safety management practices, he was never quite satisfied with things as progress seemed incidental to his efforts. It also dawned on him that the discipline of safety management lacked a formal and methodical approach. Whilst contemplating on this, he developed a steady inclination towards research and teaching.

In 2014, whilst the effects of a takeover was setting down, he moved to a new employer who supported his wish to pursue a PhD whilst being fully employed. Sageed’s interest lies in finding an answer to the following question:

“Can improvements in safety management be achieved through a paradigm shift from risk management to performance management which is brought about through the use of a conceptual model based/derived on a precise definition of safety?” 

Sageed Kunhiraman

PhD candidate