I work on ‘responsible innovation in inclusive business models in the health and water sectors in East-Africa’ MVI project as a postdoctoral researcher, conducted in collaboration with the Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa, the Institute for Social Studies and the African Studies Centre. Before coming to Delft, I got my Phd. in Philosophy in Leuven and Princeton, worked as a parliamentary assistant in the European Parliament, and on the reintegration of refugees in Burundi.


My research focuses on the ethics of private sector-led development, combining global justice literature with business ethics and responsible innovation. Before that, my focus was on democratic theory, international law, human rights and 18th century political theory.

  • Ethics and Engineering
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Member of ‘Worldconnectors’ roundtable for people and planet, Groenlinks

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  • Interview in ‘Millenials’ profile ‘Elsevier’, May 2016
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Haye Hazenberg

Postdoctoral researcher

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Research interests:
Design for values
Management of responsible innovation
Global Justice
Political Theory