Interesting new publications

An overview of recent publications of the department of Values, Technology & Innovation (VTI):


Pesch, U., Spekkink, W., & Quist, J. (2019). Local sustainability initiatives: innovation and civic engagement in societal experiments. European Planning Studies, 27(2), 300-317,

Milchram, C., Van der Kaa, G., Hillerbrand, R., Doorn, N., Künneke, R. (2018). ‘Energy justice and smart grid systems: Values in public debates in the UK and the Netherlands’. Applied Energy. 229 (November): 1244-1259. DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2018.08.053.

Howell, R., C. van Beers, N. Doorn (2018). ‘Value capture and value creation: The role of information technology in business models for frugal innovations in Africa’, Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 131: 227-239. DOI: 10.1016/j.techfore.2017.09.030.

Doorn, N. and B. Taebi (2018). ‘Rawls’s Wide Reflective Equilibrium as a method for engaged interdisciplinary collaboration: Potentials and limitations for the context of technological risks’, Science, Technology & Human Values. 43(3): 487 – 517. DOI: 10.1177/0162243917723153.

Huang, Yamin, P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder and Yuanqiao Wen. 2018. "Velocity Obstacle Algorithms for Collision Prevention at Sea." Ocean Engineering 151:308-321.

Sabine Roeser, Veronica Alfano and Caroline Nevejan (2018), ‘The Role of art in emotional-moral reflection on risky and controversial technologies: the case of BNCI’, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 21: 275-289

Roeser, S. (2018) ‘Socially extended moral deliberation about risks: a role for emotions and art’, in J. Adam Carter, Andy Clark, Jesper Kallestrup, S. Orestis Palermos, and Duncan Pritchard, Socially Extended Epistemology, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Michelle Cayford, Wolter Pieters & Constant Hijzen (2018) Plots, murders, and money: oversight bodies evaluating the effectiveness of surveillance technology, Intelligence and National Security, 33:7, 999-1021, DOI: 10.1080/02684527.2018.1487159

Milchram, C., Hillerbrand, R., Van de Kaa, G., Doorn, N., Kunneke, R., Energy justice and smart grid systems: Values in the public debates in the UK and the Netherlands Applied Energy,

Ooms, W., Werker, C. & Hopp, C. 17 Feb 2018. Moving up the ladder: heterogeneity influencing academic careers through research orientation, gender, and mentors. Studies in Higher Education. p. 1-22:

Wiegmann, Paul M., Henk J. de Vries & Knut Blind (2017). Multi-Mode Standardisation: A Critical Review and a Research Agenda. Research Policy, 46, 8, 1370-1386

Niaounakis, T. K., & Blank, J. L. T. (2017). Inter-municipal cooperation, economies of scale and cost efficiency: an application of stochastic frontier analysis to Dutch municipal tax departments. Local Government Studies

Swuste,  P. &  Sillem,  S. (2018). The quality of the post academic course MoSHE. Safety Science 102:26-37,

Swuste P Groeneweg J Gulijk C van Zwaard W Lemkowitz S (2018). Safety management systems from Three Mile Island to Piper Alpha, a review in English and Dutch literature for the period 1979-1988. Safety Science 107:224-244,

Special Issue:

Vermaas, P.E. (2017) The Societal Impact of the Emerging Quantum Technologies, Ethics and Information Technology 19(4) (Editorial: The Societal Impact of the Emerging Quantum Technologies: A Renewed Urgency to Make Quantum Theory Understandable, Ethics and Information Technology 19, 241-246).


Vermaas, P.E., and S. Vial (eds.) (2018) Advancements in the Philosophy of Design (Dordrecht: Springer)

Blank, J. L. T., & Van Heezik, A. A. S. (2018). Productiviteit van overheidsbeleid, deel IV: De Nederlandse netwerksectoren, 1980-2015. Den Haag/Delft: Eburon.  

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