Electives TiSD

Electives TiSD 2018-2019

Students who want to obtain the sustainability annotation TiSD should contact their faculty referent in an early stage. Students can choose electives from a wide variety of Sustainability related courses at TU Delft or at other universities. The courses are divided in two clusters. You need to choose at least 10 ECTS, with a minimum of 3 ECTS per cluster.  
In between ( ) is the number of ECTS points applicable for this course regarding the TiSD graduation annotation and the total ects for that course e.g. (3 ECTS/5 ECTS) meaning 3 out of the total of 5 ECTS for that course count for the TiDS annotation. Other courses and courses at other universities must be approved in advance by your faculty TiSD referent.

Cluster A - Design, analysis and tools

AE4462 Aircraft Emissions and Climate Effects (4 ECTS)

OE44075 Introduction to Ocean Energy (4 ECTS)

AR0072 - Solar Decathlon - (12 ECTS)

AR0074 - Geo-design for a Circular Economy in Urban Regions - (3 ECTS)

AR2AP030 - Aesthetics of Sustainable Architecture seminar- (3 ECTS)

AR2HA010 - Building Green: Past, present, future - (3 ECTS)

ME45100 - Fuel Cell Systems (3 ECTS)

MS43315 Recycling engineering materials (4 ECTS)

AE4W02TU Introduction to Wind Turbines: Physics and Technology (4 ECTS)

AE4T40 Airborne Wind Energy (3 ECTS) 

AE4W09 Wind Turbine Design (5 ECTS) 

AES1470 Geothermics (2 ECTS)

AP3141 Environmental Physics (6 ECTS)

AR0191 Urban Sustainability (TiDO)  (3 ECTS)

AR0092 Zero Energy Design (6 ECTS)

AR0531 Innovation and Sustainability (6 ECTS)

AR1U131 Sustainable Urban Engineering of Territory (5 ECTS)

AR2A015 Delft Lectures on Architectural Sustainablility  (3 ECTS)

AR3B015 SWAT studio (15 ECTS = 6 ECTS – cluster B and 3 ECTS – cluster A)

CIE4100 Materials and ecological engineering (4 ECTS)

CIE4450 Integrated Water Management (4 ECTS)

CIE5304 Waterpower Engineering (3 ECTS)

CIE5560 Engineering and Development (4 ECTS)

ET3034TU Solar Energy (3 ECTS)

ID4175 Advanced Embodiment Design (2 ECTS)

ID5356 Sustainable Design Strategies for Product Development (3 ECTS)

LM3611 Microbial Community Engineering (3 out of 6 ECTS)

LM3741 Fermentation Technology and Environmental Biotechnology (3 out of 6 ECTS)

OE44120 Offshore Wind Farms Design (4 ECTS)

4413DOSTSY Design of Sustainable Technological Systems (6 ECTS) 

4413RENESY  Renewable Energy Systems (6 ECTS)

4413UEINFY  Urban Environment and Infrastructures (6 ECTS)

WM0804TU Project Safety Science (6 ECTS)

CIE4510 Climate Change: Science & Ethics  (4 ECTS = 2 ECTS – cluster A and 2 ECTS – cluster B)

Cluster B - Organisation and society

AR0097 - Climate proof sustainable renovation: energy use, envir impact, health and comfort, life-cycle cost - (4 ECTS)

AR0054 Energy Friendly Renovation Processes (3 ECTS)

AR3B015 SWAT studio (15 ECTS = 6 ECTS – cluster B and 3 ECTS – cluster A) 

EPA1133 Ethics and Impacts of Global Interventions (5 ECTS)

ID4185 Strategic & Sustainable Design (3 ECTS)

ID5565 Sustainable Business Models and Sustainable Product/Service Systems (3 ECTS)

LM3311 Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology (3 ECTS)

LM3561 Ethical, Legal & Social Issues in Biotechnology (3 ECTS)

4413SUISCY Sustainable Innovation and Social Change (6 ECTS)

SPM9730 Sustainable Innovation and Transitions (3 ECTS)

WM0353TU Climate Ethics (3 ECTS)

WM0801TU Introduction to Safety Science (3 ECTS)

WM0903TU Technological Entrepreneurship and Global Development (4 ECTS)

WM0931SET Sustainable Energy Innovation and Transitions (4 ECTS)

WM0944 TU Sustainable Innovation in Practice (5 ECTS)

CIE4510 Climate Change: Science & Ethics  (4 ECTS = 2 ECTS – cluster A and 2 ECTS – cluster B)

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