On request of the board of TU Delft, the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology Section provides ethics teaching for all engineering programs at the University of Technology Delft, on all levels of education. Next to compulsory courses we also offer electives, and we participate in various minors and MOOCs.

The main topics of our courses relate to ethics and engineering, philosophy and methodology of science, technology and design, scientific integrity, argumentation theory and critical thinking. Furthermore, we are currently developing specialized thematic master courses.

The aim of our teaching is to train students to develop a normative and critical stance and 'critical thinking' skills concerning the practice of engineering and the implications of technology for society, and awareness of the moral and social responsibility of engineers. We aim to provide students with cognitive skills and knowledge required for arriving at informed and well-grounded judgments and decisions about these topics.

We welcome students who want to do their graduation project with the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology Section. To find a suitable topic please have a look at the list of projects at the Graduation Portal, browse through the research interests of our staff members, or get in touch with our graduation coordinator Udo Pesch.

Online courses

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