TU Delft Safety and Security Institute (DSyS)
The TU Delft Safety and Security Institute (DSyS) is an umbrella under which new and existing activities in the field of risk analysis, risk assessment and risk management of Delft University are united. In this way the synergy between the various risk activities of Delft University can be fully exploited to the advantage of the promotion of science. It allows a multidisciplinary view on risk problems of today. In this way students will receive a comprehensive view of the issues involved in modern risk management and customers can be served with the best advice the TU can provide.

LDE Centre for Safety and Security 
The  Leiden Delft Erasmus Centre for Safety and Security has bundled research in the field of Safety and Security,  a highly relevant area for Dutch society. Collaboration between Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam is crucial for dealing with the changing societal needs and concerns in the field of safety and security: how safe are we, how can safety and security be enhanced, and what are we prepared to pay in return in terms of money and privacy?

Short Advisory Projects

Besides the research described under the themes of the Group, a number of short advisory projects are carried out into the areas of expertise of group members. This work is used to fund new areas of scientific development and conference visits. Examples of projects carried out by the group can be found on the project page.