The Safety and Security Science Group runs full courses and training courses both at Undergraduate and Master University level teaching and Postgraduate teaching. The courses at Postgraduate level reflect the demand from industry and government for qualified staff in risk assessment and control and other aspects of safety and health. The most important course run by the group is the Masters Course in Management of Safety, Health & Environment (MoSHE).

Furthermore the group takes part in training courses for other working conditions specialists for managers, inspectors and designers. More specialised courses on specific aspects of safety are run at intervals, either in companies or open to all comers.

The group runs compulsory and facultative courses for Bachelor and Master programs at various faculties of the university in Delft. Students from other universities may take part in these courses. It also provides courses for the universities of Eindhoven and Enschede.

The group runs an open introductory course in safety – and security methods and a project-based course for those wishing to apply safety- and security methods to specific aspects of their study. Furthermore the group coordinates a minor on Companies and innovation: economical, ethical, juridical and safety perspectives. Finally, the group supervises final year projects and industrial placements for students from Delft University and, on request, from a number of other universities.

The following courses are partly provided by our section. For further information of these courses we refer to the study guide or timetables.

WM0801TU Inleiding Veiligheidskunde
WM0822TU Security en Organisatie
WM0823TU Security en Techniek
WM0804TU Projectwerk Veiligheidskunde
WM0808TU Safety in Transportation
WM0821TU Verantwoord omgaan met risico's en veiligheid
MT3409 Ethiek en Veiligheid in de scheepsbouw
MT2423 Ethiek en Veiligheid
MT2434 2e Integratie Project
MOT2910 MSc Thesis Project

Technology Developement and Impact Assessment

SPM9446 System Reliability in Quantative Risk Assessment
SPM9447 Design of Safety and Security Systems
SPM9448 Methods for Risk Analysis and Management