TPM news

01 June 2017

From creative chaos to interstellar spaceship

“In light of our insatiable appetite for exploration, it is inevitable that the human species will ultimately travel outside of the known solar system. It is the next step in human evolution.” These are the words of Angelo Vermeulen, doctoral candidate in the Systems Engineering section of the Faculty of TPM, and founder of the TU Delft Starship Team (DSTART). This is something of an unofficial dream team consisting of students and researchers collaborating on an evolving starship concept. Together with his team, Vermeulen creates computer simulations and algorithms, delving deeper into his doctoral research into adaptive systems for future space travel.

24 May 2017

TPM at TU Delft Research Exhibition

On 6, 7 and 8 June TU Delft hosts the Netherlands’ largest scientific research exhibition. 175 researchers will explain what their research entails. They will do so by means of interactive research presentations, speed lectures and excursions. All the innovations presented are suitable for application in society. That’s why the Research Exhibition is particularly interesting for potential partners from industry and governments.

24 May 2017

TPM research and game development to support humanitarian aid workers

During the last couple of months, TPM researchers Heide Lukosch, Yan Wang, and Philipp Schwarz worked together with gamelab team leader Simon Tiemersma on a board game for humanitarian aid work. With the help of lots of papers, maps, pens, and lego bricks, the game 'Plaitra' has been designed - and play-tested by a number of colleagues! Plaitra is used as an instrument to help track aid workers and protect them in conflict zones.