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17 November 2016

ARPro Augmented Reality research project for police officers in the street is being launched

Mariëlle den Hengst and Stephan Lukosch received funding from the Ministry of Security and Justice to do research for the next two years into the application of Augmented Reality for police offers working in the streets.

03 November 2016

TPM has won Computable Awards 2016 with Envision project

TU Delft (TPM) was designated ict-provider of the year for SMEs with the Envision project at the Computable Awards gala held on 1 November.

02 November 2016

TPM research contributes to effective delta management

TPM researchers have done research into monitoring and evaluation for the Dutch Delta Programme. They worked together with the University of Amsterdam and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Governmental agencies and other partners work jointly in the Delta programme to protect the Netherlands against flooding and to ensure that sufficient fresh water is available now and in the future.

01 November 2016

Bert van Wee editor of new Elsevier Series Advances in Transport Policy and Planning

Professor Bert van Wee was recently appointed editor of the new Elsevier Series ‘Advances in Transport Policy and Planning’. The first Volume is expected to be published early 2018.

20 October 2016

Thesis defence of Wally Keizer

On 28 October, Wally Keijzer will defend her thesis ‘Developing a Service Platform for Health and Wellbeing in a Living Lab Setting: an Action Design Research Approach’. She started as a doctoral candidate on 1 February 2013 and will be the first to obtain her doctorate within the TPM Graduate School.

18 October 2016

TPM researchers provide valuable advice in large-scale humanitarian exercise

11 October 2016

Journal of Integrated Security Science established by TPM

29 September 2016

Appointment of interim dean to the faculty of TPM

23 September 2016

TPM researchers amongst the most active in global e-government research community

21 September 2016

Energy interventions improve social cohesion and reduce energy consumption

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