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24 November 2017

Parsifal Playing Fields winner of the Mekel Prize 2017

Researcher Dr. ir. Rens Kortmann from the TPM Faculty (Technology, Policy and Management Faculty) received the Mekel Prize 2017 for the most socially responsible innovation: Parsifal Playing Fields. The prize was awarded on 23 November during the Van Hasselt lecture in Museum Prinsenhof. Kortmann was given a statue of Professor Jan Mekel and € 1.500,- euro to spent on further research.

20 November 2017

Innovative modelling to offer rapid insight into complex issues

Modern-day themes such as migration and climate change are interlinked and extremely complex, making it difficult to foresee the consequences of policy decisions. In this regard, models and simulations can help. Erik Pruyt, Associate Professor of System Dynamics and Policy Analysis, uses his models to compute various scenarios, which can offer assistance when reaching policy decisions in uncertain situations.

13 November 2017

Partner event TU Delft and Erasmus University: Rapid Technological Change - Turning a Threat into an Opportunity

RSM and TU Delft are partnering in order to be able to better address the organisational challenges that come with rapid technological advances. Over the recent period many new research insights tell us that this rapid technological change is the biggest threat to global business.

13 November 2017

Tourism and travel make Paris targets unachievable

In the year 2100, the world's population will be flying nine times as many kilometres as in 2015, and the average travel distance for all tourist journeys is set to double over the same period. Aviation, 90% of which is tourism, will not be able to escape a severe reduction in growth, or even no growth, if we are to meet the climate targets. This conclusion is drawn by Paul Peeters, who will be awarded his PhD for his thesis on this subject at TU Delft on Wednesday 15 November.

12 October 2017

Resuscitation game Held wins second prize in 5th International Educational Games Competition

The Held game, developed by Simon Tiemersma of the Gamelab TU Delft and game developer Olivier Hokke has won the second prize in the 5th International Educational Games Competition at the ECGBL conference 2017 on 6 October in Austria. The judges rewarded the Held game for its innovativeness, design and impact it creates. The Held game complements the traditional resuscitation training courses given in secondary schools. Heide Lukosch is involved as game researcher and worked in close cooperation with the Dutch Heart Foundation in designing the Held game.

09 October 2017

Accidents with self-driving cars are considered more serious

Self-driving cars will have to be ultra safe before they can become socially acceptable. A fatal accident caused by a technical fault in a self-driving car is considered at least 4.5 times worse than a fatal accident due to human error. These are among the findings from research carried out by Bart Overakker, who graduates from the Faculty of TPM at TU Delft on Thursday 12 October.

25 September 2017

CIVIS ‘YouPower’ nominated for Innovation Radar Prize: vote now!

The European Commission has selected the CIVIS project to compete for the Innovation Radar Prize 2017. Nine other innovations have been selected for the ‘Tech for Society’ category. The winner will be awarded in Budapest during the ICT Proposers Day event on 9-10 November 2017. The poll is now open for public votes. Vote now for YouPower!

12 September 2017

Communication as a bridge between the threat of terrorism and the perception of risk

We are shaken almost weekly by reports of the threat of terrorism. But just how real is this threat, and how is it experienced by the general public? It is not unlikely that there is a gap between the threat of terrorism and people's perception of the risk. A new research project by Doctor Gerdien de Vries of TU Delft, in which researchers from Leiden, Rotterdam and Delft are pooling their expertise, is intended to show whether this is indeed the case and how communication strategies can bridge this gap.

01 September 2017

The role of vegetated foreshores in coastal protection

Extreme weather is causing increasingly wide-spread flooding in coastal areas, as the events in the Southern United States have shown. In research project BE SAFE, the University of Twente, TU Delft and marine research institute NIOZ are working on combining more natural ways of coastal protection with conventional dikes.

23 August 2017

Is cyber-insurance the answer in fighting cyber-attacks?

Ransomware such as WannaCry and Petya can greatly disrupt organisations and costs society billions of dollars. New cybersecurity risks emerge every day in our digitalised world. However, cybersecurity is often not up-to-date in organisations.