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03 August 2020

Future energy systems need to be climate proof

Climate policy for future energy systems typically focus on the challenge to make them carbon neutral to avoid climate change.

07 July 2020

TPM Energy Transition Lab launches website

The team of the TPM Energy Transition Lab is proud to announce that their website has been launched. The Lab is an experimental lab with the ambition to perform innovative and interdisciplinary research on the development of new approaches, methods and tools for fostering an effective, fair, legitimate energy transition.

07 July 2020

TPM AI-Lab website is live

Last week the TPM AI-Lab went live. Aimee van Wynsberghe, director of the TPM AI-Lab: ‘ I am extremely proud of the team at TPM to create an AI lab. We hope to enhance AI research across our Faculty and to showcase the fantastic multidisciplinary approach found at TPM’.

03 July 2020

Research into vaccination readiness and vaccination policy preferences in the Netherlands

A vaccine against COVID-19 is currently being developed. To achieve group immunity, a vaccination rate of about 75% is required. Together with Erasmus University Rotterdam and Maastricht University, Niek Mouter of TU Delft will investigate whether the Dutch are willing to vaccinate and what their preferences are for policies to stimulate the population's willingness to vaccinate.

03 July 2020

TPM master students win 2nd place in SIMIO competition

EPA master students Tess Kim and Rico Herzog successfully competed in the SIMIO competition last May. Out of more than 330 teams across the globe, the two master students were awarded the second place from a jury made up academic and professional SIMIO users.

25 June 2020

Two TPM spin-off companies receive NWO Take-off funding

Both the Participative Value Evaluation company of Niek Mouter, Shannon Spruit and Anatol Itten, as Councyl, Caspar Chorus' company in which Delft Enterprises also participates, receive NWO Take-off funding. With this grant they can boost their innovative companies in the field of citizen participation and reliable artificial intelligence and bring scientific knowledge to the market.

22 June 2020

Two TPM research projects earmarked as best practices in OECD report

Last week an OECD report came out on transdisciplinary research, which combines knowledge from different scientific disciplines with that of public and private sector stakeholders and citizens to address complex societal challenges. Key obstacles to effectively implement transdisciplinary research and examples to better accommodate the requirements of this kind of research are identified in 28 case studies. Two of the case studies involve TPM research projects.

11 June 2020

Research into economic and logistical effects from exit scenarios of corona measures

Bert van Wee, Niek Mouter, Ruth Shortall and other scientists from TU Delft and VU University Amsterdam will conduct research into the economic and logistical consequences of the 1.5 meter society for passenger mobility.

10 June 2020

CiTyAI lab launched

The CiTyAI lab was formally launched on Tuesday 2 June as one of the eight Delft AI labs. The Lab is a joint initiative in which the faculties of TPM and CITG will develop AI to gain insights into the attractiveness, quality of life and accessibility of the urban environment, and their impact on human behaviour. TPM researcher Sander van Cranenburgh is the initiator of this AI lab.

09 June 2020

Undecided citizens are the deciding factor when introducing corona app

The Dutch have widely varying opinions on the desirability of a tracking and tracing corona app

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