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15 November 2018

Aimee van Wynsberghe receives LÓreal UNESCO For Women In Science award

Aimee van Wynsberghe has received the Dutch For Women In Science award. The award was extended by L’Oréal and UNESCO, together with the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS) and the Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH).

14 November 2018

First ever professor of Ethics of Water Engineering: ‘Take account of the differing opportunities available to citizens’

On Friday, 16 November, Prof. Neelke Doorn will give her inaugural address as professor of Ethics of Water Engineering.

09 November 2018

Ahold Delhaize and TU Delft join forces in robotics

Ahold Delhaize is set to join forces with TU Delft, RoboValley and YES!Delft to explore new robotics applications in the retail sector.

08 November 2018


On Thursday October 10th, the first national Alliance on Artificial Intelligence in Europe (ALLAI) Netherlands was officially launched at the mainstage of the WorldSummit AI in Amsterdam. ALLAI NL is committed to achieving Responsible AI. The founders ALLAI Netherlands are all Dutch members of the High Level Expert Group on AI van de Europese Commissie, Catelijne Muller, Aimee van Wynsberghe en Virginia Dignum.

31 October 2018

Seminar on Transport Justice by David Banister & Karel Martens on 6 November

The Transport Institute invites you to a seminar on Transport Justice at the faculty of TPM from 11:00 till 14:00 hrs on the 6th of November.

31 October 2018

Caspar Chorus delivers opening keynote at National Econometricians Day 2019

TPM professor Caspar Chorus will deliver the opening keynote at the National Econometricians Day on 7 February 2019. Some 800 econometrics master students in the Netherlands visit this yearly event. In his presentation ‘Choices, choices… How Econometrics helps you understand who you are and what you want’ Chorus will show how choice models can be used to provide a richer understanding of all sorts of choice behaviours in contexts as diverse as traffic safety, dating, ocean governance and more.

18 October 2018

Opening TU Delft Policy Modelling Lab

On 6 December 2018, we will officially launch our Policy Modelling Lab (PML) in The Hague.

09 October 2018

Inaugural address Neelke Doorn- ‘Values in water’

Prof. dr. mr. ir. Neelke Doorn will hold her inaugural address in acceptance of the chair ‘Ethics of water engineering’ on Friday 16 November.

09 October 2018

Delft vision on integrity ready for implementation

How do we deal with our responsibilities towards each other and towards society? It is important to regularly consider this together ánd to take action if necessary. This is why the Delft vision on integrity was written. It has recently been approved by the Executive Board.

07 October 2018

Stephen Wong analyses evacuations with a focus on human behaviour

For the next three months, TU Delft is happy to host Stephen Wong as a guest researcher. Wong is a PhD student in Civil & Environmental Engineering with the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.