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19 September 2019

Responsible innovation for a better society: a roadmap for companies

New technologies like nanotechnology, synthetic biology, internet of things, robotics, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles have an increasing impact on our everyday life, our society, and the environment. This means that companies have to innovate responsibly and include societal values – such as privacy, safety, sustainability, fair distribution of risks and benefits and inclusiveness – in the development strategy of innovative products. This is known as ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’ (RRI).

19 September 2019

TU Delft students participate in World Class The Hague Program

For the first time seventeen selected students from the TU Delft master Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA) will participate in the World Class Program organised by the Municipality of The Hague.

05 September 2019

Margot Weijnen new member of executive board NWO

The Minister of Education, Culture and Science has appointed two new members to the executive board of NWO. Margot Weijnen, professor at the TPM faculty is one of them.

30 August 2019

TPM participates in new Gravitation programme

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has announced the new funding awards within its Gravitation programme, worth some € 113 million. TU Delft is participating in three of the six new programmes. TPM researchers Sabine Roeser and Ibo van de Poel take part of the programme Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies.

16 August 2019

TU Delft 3rd in Shanghai Transportation rankings

Recently the Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 was published. This year 54 academic subjects were included in the ranking. In the worldwide ranking for the subject ‘Transportation Science & Technology’ TU Delft obtained the 3rd place. A great acknowledgement for our Transport and Logistics section which significantly contributes to this field of study.

13 August 2019

Aukje Hassoldt appointed as new Dean of TPM

The Executive Board has appointed drs. Aukje Hassoldt as Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management (TPM) with effect from 1 October 2019.

24 July 2019

Conference Grand Challenge Accepted

On Thursday 22 August 2019, Delft University of Technology's second Grand Challenge Accepted Conference will take place on the TU Delft Campus in The Hague. Students from the Master's degree programme in Engineering and Policy Analysis will present their graduation research at the conference.

03 July 2019

Digicampus accelerates innovation in digital government services

All parties involved in digital innovations within the public sector will from now on work together within one platform: Digicampus. The new partnership for the development of innovative government services was officially launched on Wednesday by state secretary Knops (interior affairs) during the iBestuurscongres.

26 June 2019

Angelo Vermeulen gives lecture at Universiteit van Nederland

On Friday 28 June, TPM researcher Angelo Vermeulen will give a lecture at the Universiteit van Nederland about surviving on the moon. He will explain how to create a viable ecosystem in space that can sustain itself. And you will hear how you can mentally prepare yourself for a life in space.

21 June 2019

Filippo Santoni de Sio member of EU expert group on ethics in automated driving

Filippo Santoni de Sio is a member and rapporteur of a newly established EU commission expert advisory group on ethical issues raised by automated driving.

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