IoT CyberLab

Securing the Internet of Things

Despite the benefits of the widespread deployment of diverse Internet-enabled devices such as IP cameras and smart home appliances - the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) has amplified the attack surface that is being leveraged by cyber criminals. While manufacturers keep producing new products, infected devices can be counted in the millions and spreading at an alarming rate all over consumer and business networks.

At the IoT CyberLab, we focus on developing innovative methods to study and mitigate numerous IoT-related threats. Among them are (i) mitigation of compromised IoT devices; (ii) profiling, detection of IoT device types and models; (iii) frameworks for automated security assessment of IoT devices; (iv) IoT vulnerability analysis and mitigation; etc.





Mitigating IoT botnets
Remediating IoT infections
Governing consumer IoT