International Entrepreneurship & Development

This minor program allows students to work abroad in teams (of 3 or 4 students) on a professional, technology-based, entrepreneurship related assignment aimed at tackling global challenges.

The overall learning goal of the minor is to build capacities and expertise for international technology transfer by means of entrepreneurship.

The program combines a set of courses with a group assignment for which students go abroad in multidisciplinary teams, and work for 3 months with an NGO, (social) enterprise, university or governmental organization on a real case. 


The minor program is structured as follows: in the first 2 months there are four courses that prepare you for your internship, followed by the 3 months internship. The program follows a living lab and problem-based learning approach.

Together with your team you will learn how to manage and work in a technology related project in a different cultural and institutional setting and how it is to work as an entrepreneur by developing and testing the feasibility of a (part of a) business plan and/or marketing plan.

Course list

  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (4 EC)
  • Preparation Intercultural Internship (2 EC)
  • Development, Sustainability and Culture (6 EC)
  • Project Research and Design (3 EC)
  • Intercultural Internship (15 EC)

Please note:

This program is very high-demanding. You will not have time to do any resits of other courses. Also, it requires a strong ability to adapt to a different cultural setting in which you will work and live intensively together with your team during the internship abroad.

Entry requirements

  • Have fulltime availability for the program (so NO re-sits planned for semester 1)
  • Being selected for the minor
  • This minor is open for English speaking students.

Application procedure

  • Sign up for the minor in OSIRIS
  • Prepare a motivational video of max. 2 minutes in which you convince us why we should select you (why do you want to participate? What relevant experience (through extra-curricular activities) do you have? E.g. with cultural diversity and team work? Illustrate your experience with concrete examples)
  • Send (a URL of) your motivational video together with your CV to by April 15th 2020 the latest.

More information

Ellen van Andel

Minor code:WM-MI-101
Maximum number of participants:60
Teaching methods:Teamwork, internship

Development projects do not always bring lasting opportunities. But if you can help people set up an independent business elsewhere, a real change has been made.