Open and Online education

We offer a wide range of open and online courses (MOOC,  Professional education, Open Courseware, Open textbooks).
These are clustered around the following themes:

  • Transition of Infrastructures Courses include, for example, Building with Nature, energy markets, adaptive water planning and governance of smart sustainable cities initiatives.
  • Climate
  • Responsible Innovation and Ethics Courses range from risks and ethics of new technologies to  AI and ethics.
  • Entrepreneurship for engineers (business models, starting your own firm, big data for small enterprises, entrepreneurship in developing countries).
  • 21st century skills (policy analysis and problem structuring)

These courses will provide you with new skills, new perspectives and up-to date-insights to deal with topical challenges.

For an overview of all our courses, check this document or check the following websites:

Online learning at TU Delft

A key part of our DNA involves developing innovative ways of learning that allow you to benefit from what we have to offer. Since 2013, TU Delft decided that online learning programs were the best way to share its knowledge with people around the world. Wherever you live, and whatever your goals and ambitions may be, our diverse portfolio of courses will suit your needs. Our course portfolio offers great value, and helps you to stay on top of your game, whether you are looking to change career, broaden your skillset, or acquire further academic qualifications.