About us

The Centre for Languages and Academic Skills offers intensive daytime courses and evening courses Dutch as a second language (NT2), both for students and employees from the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), and for other people interested in our courses. The department is renowned for its Delftse methode, a special foreign or second language teaching method. 

The Delftse methode Green Book for Beginners is the best known course book in the Delftse methode series. The series was developed in the 1980s by Dutch language teachers at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The method is characterized by its simplicity and clarity, and has proven to be very successful.

The intensive as well as less intensive courses , are given several times a year. During the intensive programme, beginners will find within a period of about six months that their proficiency in Dutch will be such that it will enable them to meet the standards required to study at the TU Delft.

As well as course books and audio-material different computer programmes, designed for internal and external use, have been developed. The Dutch for Foreigners programme can also provide adapted or even completely new courses designed for students, TU Delft staff or for companies and institutions. 

Research is carried out on the effectiveness of teaching resources. The continual interaction between the theory and practice sides of education fits in with endeavours to perfect methods and materials.

The Delftse methode in a nutshell

Students Testimonials

'I could never understand what "de gemeente" (Eng. the council, local authority municipality, congregation) meant but thanks to the Green Book I now know exactly how local authorities operate.'
Haitham Abdul Kareem from Irak.

'The Delftse methode is the best approach if you want to learn Dutch well and fast. With this method you not only learn Dutch but also many useful things about the Netherlands.'
Mirka Jachym from Poland.

Teachers Testimonials

'It is the simple but carefully thought through structure of the Delftse methode that creates such clarity for participants and teachers alike. Course participants are able to quickly get down to learning and their knowledge is easy to test.'
Flip Derks, teacher Dutch language Medical Center "Vrije Universiteit" Amsterdam.

'Learning is all about doing. You learn a language by talking a lot. With the Delftse methode participants are encouraged to talk about topics that interest them.'
Jan Erik Grezel, teacher Dutch as a 2nd language.