Language of Architecture


Prospective students of Architecture can prepare for their degree courses in Dutch by doing the course Language of Architecture. In this course, they study texts, videos and audio fragments on eleven architectural themes such as trends in Dutch architecture, building techniques and building management. Participants acquire jargon and relevant vocabulary and practise their listening skills.

Study workload

This course is a complete self-study programme. The study workload is 40 hours a week. It will take around 4 weeks to study all the material.


The syllabus Language of Architecture is available at the secretary’s office.


The Language of Architecture course can only be done after having successfully completed the Derde Ronde (Advanced course) or the Staatsexamen NT2 (level II). Alternatively, your teacher may have advised you to do the course after having done a level test.

Please contact the secretary’s office to be registered for this course:

When you have passed all 4 components of the NT2 State Exam (level II), we would like to receive a copy of the certificates you have obtained.

As of the autumn of 2019, it will no longer be compulsory to obtain the Language of Architecture course in order to be admitted to the Architecture programme. For the admission requirements, we direct you to the information on the TU Delft website.

Course fees and payment

Self-study programme € 155,- including computer language tests, final exam and syllabus.
All payments should be made by debit card (PIN-machine) or bank transfer.