Msc, Bsc and Exchange students

As a master or exchange student or a Bachelor student in an English program you can join the less intensive evening courses Elementary I, Elementary II and Intermediate I courses for free, as an elective. You will get 3 ECTS for each course that you pass. There will be lessons twice a week in the less intensive courses (on Monday and Thursday evening or Tuesday and Friday afternoon). There are multiple groups with different starting hours. The courses will take 7 weeks and have a study load of 10hrs a week. You need to make sure that you have enough time available to follow this course.

Registration for these courses is through Brightspace. For the Elementary 1 course you first need to register for the Preliminary program: search for “Dutch” in the Catalogue on Brightspace and select “Preliminary program for Dutch Elementary 1” (tpm-preenroll-dutch) and follow the instructions in the announcement.

Apart from our regular group courses, you can also follow a short online self-study Dutch Course for beginners. After following this course you will have a very basic knowledge of Dutch. You will not receive ECTS or course credits for following this course.

If you already have some knowledge of the Dutch language you can make an appointment for a placement test.