English Language Test

for TU Delft lecturers

The English language test for lecturers consists of two parts: a computer test and an individual spoken test. Both are offered several times per academic quarter.

The computer test (part one) mainly looks at vocabulary, reading, grammar and listening. Although 80 minutes is allowed, most people finish in 45 minutes.

The individual spoken test (part two) takes approximately 30 minutes, including feedback. Please note: you have to complete the computer test before you can take the spoken test.

Part 1: Computer test: grammar/reading/vocabulary/listening part (average test duration 45 minutes, but 80 minutes allowed)

You can take the computer test online at home, the test will last a maximum of 80 minutes. The online test will be available between 09:00 and 18:00. After registration you will receive an email from the secretariat with further (log-in) information.

Part 2: Spoken part (30 minutes including feedback. Different times possible)

You can find the available dates and times in our online registration system. 

Please note: you can only take the interview test if you have completed the computer test beforehand!

Registration for both tests who is via our online registration system.

For more information concerning the content of the test, please go to this site.

(For TU Delft members of staff, these costs are generally covered by your department. Please supply our administration with your “baancode/projectcode” when completing the application form which will be sent to you.)

On 18th January 2012 the English Unit at ITAV received an accreditation for the Assessment of Spoken English from the Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE), a unique accreditation in the Netherlands. This ensures that “the team has demonstrated a consistently high level of inter-reliability in the application of the agreed CEFR-related criteria to both recorded and live spoken English performance. The judgements provided clear evidence of the teams’ ability to elicit good examples of both interaction and presentation and to assess with consistent agreement.” (Dave Allan; Director, Norwich Institute for Language Education).

Furthermore, NILE administers an annual re-accreditation to ensure that the necessary standards are maintained.