Antoine de Kort

Antoine de Kort (1971) has a Master of Science degree in mathematical engineering from the Delft University of Technology, specialized in robotics. With over 20 years of experience in aerospace, railways and roads, Antoine has been working on many strategic and highly innovative programs concerning the design and control of systems and flows. He main interest lies in the successful implementation of innovations, by considering the (changing) human needs and expectations, and incorporating newly developed technologies in a way they provide real added value to people.

His current position is senior advisor International Coordination and Corporate Strategy at RDW where he is working on  internationally oriented research projects on connected and automated road transport (C-ART), the proper design and introduction of advanced driving assistance systems and automated vehicles, and many other topics, including measures to reduce C02 emissions. He brings in his experience in strategy development, in particular on the digital transformation in mobility, such as the transition towards connected and automated driving, and the implied changes in traffic management, physical and digital infrastructure, data and related roles and activities for public authorities. In his previous position as strategic advisor with Rijkswaterstaat, the national road authority for the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, he was one of the founding fathers of the national roadmap ‘Connecting Mobility’ (2013) and the subsequent national policy plan ‘Smart Mobility – Dutch Reality’ (2018). 

For his main interests, he is working on a cleaner and safer road traffic at the Netherlands Vehicle Authority – RDW. RDW is a public agency of the ministry infrastructure and environment. Increasing road traffic causes congestion, environmental and social challenges. Only traditional measures such as the expansion of the road network seem inadequate. By connecting information and communication technologies from vehicles, roads and back offices, significant contributions to both the environment and road safety can be achieved. 

Within the project, Antoine will take up the role as project manager. He will take an advisory and initiating approach to the valorization process of the project. He is involved in many nation-wide activities on self-driving cars and smart mobility and has an extensive network in Brussels, national public organizations and the automotive industry. By engaging the network the project results can be enriched and disseminated.   

Antoine de Kort

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