Prof.dr. Y. (Yao-Hua) Tan


Yao-Hua Tan is professor of Information and Communication Technology at the ICT Group of the Department of Technology, Policy and Management of the Delft University of Technology and part-time professor of Electronic Business at the Department of Economics and Business Administration of the Vrije University Amsterdam. He was also Reynolds visiting professor at the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is coordinator of the EU-funded integrated research project ITAIDE on IT innovation to facilitate international trade. His research interests are service engineering and governance; ICT-enabled electronic negotiation and contracting; multi-agent modelling to develop automation of business procedures in international trade.

  • I en C in organistaties
    Bachelor Technische Bestuurskunde
    ECTS: 5
  • 2014-09-27-2016-09-27
    -Overig - Vereniging Logistieke Managers  (Brancheorganisatie: Openb best, overheid, soc.verz)
  • 2014-09-27-2016-09-27
    -Overig - European Technology Platform ALICE  (Brancheorganisatie: Extraterritoriale organisaties)
  • 2014-09-27-2016-09-27
    -Overig - Nederlandse Verladers Organisatie (EVO)  (Brancheorganisatie: Openb best, overheid, soc.verz)
  • 2014-09-27-2016-09-27
    -Overig - Topsector Logistiek  (Brancheorganisatie: Openb best, overheid, soc.verz)
  • 2014-09-27-2016-09-27
    -Overig - Directorate-General Tax and Costums van de Europese Commissie  (Brancheorganisatie: Extraterritoriale organisaties)
  • 2014-09-27-2016-09-27
    -Overig - Neutraal Logistiek Informatie Platform  (Brancheorganisatie: Openb best, overheid, soc.verz)
  • 2015-11-23-2018-01-01
    -(Bestuurs)lid cie/vereniging - TKI Programmacommissie Topsector Logistiek  (Brancheorganisatie: Openb best, overheid, soc.verz)
  • 2015-03-01-2018-01-01
    -Wet medew. Niet-TUD - Progamma directuer van de executive master Customs and Supply Chain Management bij de Rotterdam Scho  (Brancheorganisatie: Onderwijs)

Yao-Hua Tan


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