N. (Nitesh) Bharosa


Nitesh Bharosa is Professor in GovTech and innovation. He is the academic director of Digicampus – a quadruple helix innovation ecosystem for future public services. At Digicampus, public agencies, GovTech companies, research institutes and citizen groups co-create the next generation of public services using state of the art information technologies (

By combining the role of professor and academic director, Nitesh aims to shorten the loop from science to societal impact.

Nitesh is also the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) officer for the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management.


The rise of GovTech signals a paradigm shift, with market parties increasingly acting as service providers between public agencies and citizens. For example, GovTech providers can help you obtain a digital identity, open a data wallet, collect and use your data in all kinds of transactions with public agencies and companies (e.g. banks, pension funds, mortgage providers). Such solutions often use the latest information technologies and have the potential to transform the public sector and enable more citizen-centred public services.

However, we currently lack the public-private information infrastructures and governance structures for GovTech to reach its full potential. Moreover, there are concerns about the consequences of GovTech, for instance, regarding public values, tech monopolies and the unclear responsibilities surrounding the use of GovTech.

The research by Nitesh and his team focuses on designing responsible GovTech solutions. This kind of research requires a comprehensive engineering approach in which the systems, governance and values perspectives intersect for developing actionable solutions. This professorship is partly funded by Digicampus

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Winner ICT Award for the most outstanding student from a minority group offered by Platform Beta-Techniek and the Expertise Center Higher Education (ECHO). The award was presented by Mark Rutte (then State Secretary of Education).


Top three nomination for 'Best Paper Award' of the 9th Annual International Digital Government conference.


Top three nomination for 'Best Paper Award' of the 19th Annual International Digital Government conference.


Winner of the Best Paper Award of the 6th International Association Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management. Presented in Goteborg, Sweden.


Nitesh is a member of the Supervisory Board of the ECHO Foundation, a non-profit organization specialising in diversity policy in Higher Education. This is an unpaid position. 


Nitesh Bharosa


Engineering Systems and Services


Research interests:
Public service innovation
Information infrastructures
Trusted data exchange
Digital identities