A. (Amit) Ashkenazy


Amit is a PhD researcher at TU Delft, where he is looking for new ways to support environmental policy making with agent based models.  Amit has worked extensively with government agencies, civil society organizations and companies throughout the world, helping them design new policies that bring us closer to a more sustainable society. Amit graduated from Yale University, where he did his Master’s degree in environmental management, focusing on environmental governance and urbanism.


New technologies allow us to simulate society and nature like never before, and in particular simulations known as “Agent Based Modelling”. These are models where instead of trying to simulate the system, researchers simulate what people do, and observe how does that affect wider phenomena in the world. While ABM has been used to analyse policy, Amit is aiming to simulate the processes by which policy emerges through theories from policy science.

Amit Ashkenazy

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Energy and Industry

Research interests:
Policy analysis, policy theories, political science
Agent based modelling, complexity theory, complex adaptive systems
Environmental policy, industrial ecology, urbanism

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A. (Amit) Ashkenazy