List of (most important) Ph.D. Theses

co-supervised/co-evaluated by Jan van den Berg

(This is not the full list. I acted in more PhD-defenses as assessor and opponent.

Below, I only have mentioned the ones most related to my field of expertise. 

For the theses with number 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 15, 18 and 19, I acted as co-promotor / full promotor.)

  1. Ton Cornelissen,
    "The Two faces of Sustainability, Fuzzy Evaluation of Sustainable Development", January 2003.
    Landbouw Universiteit Wageningen, The Netherlands. Table of Contents or Complete Phd (zipped pdf-files).

  2. Hossein Azadi Nasrabad,
    "Explaining the Equilibrium between Livestock and Rangeland using Fuzzy Logic", December 2005.
    Shiraz University, Iran.

  3. Amr Ali Eldin,
    "Private Information Sharing Under Uncertainty: Dynamic Consent Decision-making Mechanisms'', November 2006.
    Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands.

  4. Ademola Olayemi Popoola,
    "Fuzzy-Wavelet Method for Time Series Analysis", January 2007.
    School of Electronics and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey, United Kingdom.

  5. Vincent Wiegel,
    "SophoLab, Experimental Computational Philosophy", May 2007.
    Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands.

  6. Roel Bosma,
    "Understanding farmers’ motivations to integrate livestock, fish and crops using fuzzy logic models", December 2007.
    Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences, Wageningen University, The Netherlands. 

  7. Nees Jan van Eck,
    "Methodological Advances in Bibliometric Mapping of Science",
    Faculty of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam, October 2011.

  8. Nitin Chiluka,
    "Securing Social Media: A Network Structure Approach",
    Faculty of EEMCS, Delft University of Technology, June 2013.

  9. Joop de Jong,
    "A Method for Enterprise Ontology based Design of Enterprise Information Systems",
    Delft University of Technology, November 2013.

  10. Mohsen Davarynejad,
    "Deploying Metaheuristics for Global Optimization", (full PhD except ch. 5: that paper/chapter is under 2nd review for publication by a scientific journal)
    Delft University of Technology, June 2014.

  11. Rui Jorge de Almeida e Santos Nogueira,
    "Conditional Density Models Integrating Fuzzy and Probabilistic Representations of Uncertainty",
    Faculty of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam, June 2014.

  12. Ebrahim Rahimi, 
    "A Design Framework for Personal Learning Environments", 
    Delft University of Technology, November 2015.

  13. Thieme Hennis,
    "A Pedagogical Design Framework to Engage At-Risk Youth",
    Delft University of Technology, June 2016.

  14. Zhijie Ren,
    "Benefits of Compute-and Forward in Throughput, Energy, and Security",
    Delft University of Technology, June 2016.

  15.  Qin Lin,
    β€œIntelligent Control Systems: learning, interpreting, verification”
    Delft University of Technology, August 2019.

  16. Majeed Mohammadi,
    β€œOntology Alignment: simulated annealing-based system, statistical evaluation, and application to logistics interoperability”,
    Delft University of Technology, February 2020.
  17. Kaikai Pan,
    β€œTowards Cyber-secure Intelligent Electrical Power Grids: Vulnerability Analysis and Attack Detection”.
    Delft University of Technology, March 2020.
  18. Clara Maathuis,
    β€œEffects Assessment for Targeting Decisions Support in Military Cyber Operations”,
    Delft University of Technology, July 2020.
  19. Mark Patrick Roeling,
    β€œStatistical Analyses in Cyberspace: Data Veracity, Completeness, and Clustering”,
    Delft University of Technology, June 2021.

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