Research methods

ESS possess rigorous knowledge of and hands-on experience with key methods and modelling techniques. Important methods, in which ESS has and aims to maintain a leading international profile, include: 

  • Discrete Choice Modelling (DCM); statistically rigorous modelling choice behaviour of users, designers, policy-makers, etc.
  • Agent-based Modelling and Simulation (ABM); to study and explore (emergent) system behaviour of engineering systems and services.
  • Information Architecting (IA); to develop effective, efficient and acceptable designs of information technology and infrastructure.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis methods (CBA); to quantitatively support the evaluation of interventions in engineering systems and services.

As a matter of course, ESS also uses and contributes to improving other theories, methods and tools, such as institutional economics, multi-objective optimatisation, back-casting, artificial intelligence, algorithmics, co-algebra, and game theory, as well.