I. (Indushree) Banerjee


I am a postgraduate from the University of St Andrews, UK and specialise in networks and distributed systems. I am origanally from India and did my graduation from West Bengal University of Technology on Computer Science and Engineering and worked as a Network  Engineer and Web Developer. I have previously worked on immersive learning through 3D virtualization, disaster management using wireless technologies and on the limitations and challenges of Linden scripting languages for simulatited environments. My current research interests are network resilience, intrusion detection and network management for critical infrastructure protection.


My research interests are catered around facilitating network resilience for the sustainable development of society. The interconnected nature of strongly coupled networked systems, such as the Internet, has created a co-dependence which is bound to have devastating consequences if parts of it are compromised. The main research challenges are providing scalability, reliability and security to the changing network dynamics. My doctoral studies are an attempt to investigate these current challenges of complex distributed infrastructures. Determine and develop models to enhance network resilience and fault tolerance for a scalable and secure future network infrastructure and services. I am interested to analyze and evaluate the complicated interplay between technology, market trends and user requirements for developing sustainable solutions.

Banerjee, I., Warnier, M., Brazier, F.M. and Helbing, D., 2021. Introducing participatory fairness in emergency communication can support self-organization for survival. Scientific Reports11(1), pp.1-9.

Banerjee, I., Warnier, M. and Brazier, F.M., 2020. Self-organizing topology for energy-efficient ad-hoc communication networks of mobile devices. Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling8(1), pp.1-21.

Banerjee, I., Warnier, M. and Brazier, F.M., 2020. Ad Hoc Communication Topology Switching during Disasters from Altruistic to Individualistic and Back. In COMPLEXIS (pp. 103-107).

Indushree Banerjee

PhD Researcher

Multi-Actor Systems

System Engineering

Research interests:
Network Resilience
Security and Privacy
Cyber Physical Systems

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