Dr. J.M. (Juan) Durán


I studied computer science and philosophy at the National University of Córdoba (Argentina). During this time, I worked at the National Space Activities Commission (Argentina) on several projects, including software engineering and programming neural networks, parallel processing, and remote sensing. I obtained my PhD at the Cluster of Excellence SimTech - University of Stuttgart (Germany). Before joining TU Delft, I was a research associate at the High Performance Computing Centre Stuttgart, University of Stuttgart.


My research interests focus on themes in the philosophy of science and technology: computer simulations, Big Data, scientific models, and laboratory experimentation. My current research also includes themes from the philosophy of computer science (computer models, specifications, algorithms), data-intensive research (dark data, scientific data officer) and the ethics of technology (ethics of computer simulations). I am also researching on the philosophy of medicine (simulations of infectious diseases) and visualization of computer simulations.

  • Durán, J. M., Formanek, N. (forthcoming) Grounds for trust: Essential Epistemic Opacity and Computational Reliabilism. Minds and Machines
  • Durán, J. M. (2017) “Varying the explanatory span: scientific explanation in computer simulations” International Studies in the Philosophy of Science. 31(1):27–45.
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  • Barrantes, M., Durán, J. M. (2016) ”Reid on causation and scientific explanation”. The Journal of Scottish Philosophy. 14(1): 51-67.
  • Creative and Critical Thinking R2.D1. (Lecturer)
  • Research Design R1.A1 (Lecturer)
  • Ethics and engineering WM0320TU (tutor)
  • IT and Values WM033IT (tutor)
  • Philosophy of science WM0349WB (tutor)
  • Critical reflections on technology UD2010 (tutor)
  • Durán, J. M. (2014) Computer simulations in science and engineering. Concepts. Practices. Perspectives. Springer. ISNB: 978-3-319-90880-9
  • Durán, J. M. (2014) Explaining simulated phenomena. A defense of the epistemic power of computer simulations.” Printed by the University of Stuttgart. Germany.
  • Durán, J. M., Arnold, E. (2013) Eds. ”Computer simulations and the changing face of scientific experimentation” Cambridge Scholars Publishing. UK.

Juan M. Durán

Assistant professor

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/philosophy of Technology

Research interests:
Design for values
Management of responsible innovation
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Technology