Dr. M.B.O.T. (Michael) Klenk


I am a lecturer in ethics and the philosophy of technology at TU Delft. My research covers foundational topics about the nature of morality, moral change, and moral knowledge. I take an interdisciplinary approach to these questions and use resources from metaethics, epistemology, anthropology, and moral psychology in pursuit of answers.

Before coming to Delft, I completed my PhD at Utrecht University. I was also a Visiting Fellow at Columbia University, Harvard University, and Oxford University during my PhD. Earlier still, before coming to Utrecht, I worked as a management consultant at Atos Consulting in Munich. 

Please have a look at my website or my CV for a full list of publications, presentations, and organised conferences.


My research is at the intersection of metaethics (the foundations of ethics), epistemology (the foundations of knowledge and justified belief), and moral psychology. I have published on the (meta-)ethical implications of evolutionary explanations of morality. My current projects are a non-objectivist account of norm change, experimental work on folk conceptions of moral objectivity, and topics in the ethics of technology (related to social media) and business ethics.

  • Klenk, M. (2017), ‘Can Moral Realists Deflect Defeat Due to Evolutionary Explanations of Morality?’, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 98/S1: 227–248.
  • Klenk, M. (2017), ‘Measuring Moral Development’, De Filosoof, 75: 21–23.
  • Klenk, M. (2017), ‘Old Wine in New Bottles. Evolutionary Debunking Arguments and the Benacerraf-Field Challenge’, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 20/4: 781–795.
  • Klenk, M. (forthcoming), Third-Factor Explanations and Disagreement in Metaethics (Synthese).
  • Klenk, M. (2016), ‘[Review of the book Robust Ethics. The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Godless Normative Realism, by Erik Wielenberg]’, Dialectica, 70/3: 482–488.
  • Ethics and engineering WM0320TU (tutor)
  • Philosophy of science Wm0349WB (tutor)
  • Master track Management of the Built Environment AR1R046 (tutor)
  • Ethics for aerospace engineering WM0324LR (tutor)
  • Technology, Innovation, and Ethics for Companies TMB009A (course manager in Q2 2018)
  • Social and scientific values MOT1442 (tutor)
  • Critical reflections on technology UD2010 (tutor)
  • IT and Values WM033IT (tutor)
  • In my free time, I occasionally tutor the course ‘Introduction to Mathematical Logic’ online at coursera.com.

Michael Klenk


Values, Technology and Innovation

Mon, Thu, Fri

Research interests:
Design for values
Management of responsible innovation
Responsible risk management
Norm Change
Foundations of Ethics
Moral Psychology

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