In 1989, Aad Correljé graduated in Political Sciences (International Relations and European Law) at the Social Sciences Faculty (FSW-a) of the University of Amsterdam. Combining Political Sciences and Economics, he wrote and defended (1994) his Ph.D. thesis entitled, The Spanish Oil Industry: Structural Change and Modernisation at the Centre for International Energy Studies (EURICES)/Economic Geography Institute/Tinbergen Institute of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, supervised by Prof. P.R Odell and Prof. G.J van der Knaap.

The thesis shows how shifts in the Spanish political and economic system, during the transition from the Franco-regime to a democracy and Spain's entry into the EU in 1986, influenced the country’s energy and oil policy and the development of its oil industry. The study involves a political/institutional analysis of changes in Spanish energy/oil policy-making, (inter)connected with an economic analysis of the consequences of these policies for the national consumption of oil products and for the development of the oil sector, at sector and firm level. This includes an assessment of the system of regulation, its impact on production costs, revenues, the financial position of the firms, their strategies, production levels and energy consumption and international trade.

The synthesis of this work addresses the interaction between social political developments, structural economic features, regulatory issues and oil and energy industry specific aspects.

Since then, Correljé has been involved in academic research and teaching and in consulting and advising on many energy, water and transport related issues, for a variety of Dutch and foreign, public as well as private, organizations. His current research themes involve an economic/institutional approach to the analysis of public policy, regulation and private strategy development in infrastructure-bound sectors, like oil, gas, power, water supply and flooding protection. Main foci in this research are Design for values and Management of responsible innovation.

He is regularly commenting on energy related issues in the press, on radio and TV, and advising international organizations, governments, public and private enterprise and NGOs.

Since december 2013 Aad is a Member of the Dutch Mining Council (Mijnraad), advising the Minister of Economic Affairs on the exploration for or production of minerals or terrestrial heat of the storage of substances, according to the Dutch Mining Law (2010) § 6.1.

He is a regular reviewer for: Energy Policy ISSN 0301 4215, The Energy Journal ISSN 0195 6574, Energy Economics ISSN 0140-9883, Journal of Industrial Organization ISSN: 0167-7187, Revista de Historica ISSN 0212-6109, Water Policy, ISSN 1366-7017, Energy Studies Review, Applied Energy  ISSN 0306-2619, International Journal of Energy Sector Management ISSN 1750-6220, Competition and Regulation in Network Industries ISSN 1389-6970, Comparative Technology Transfer and Society ISSN 1542-0132, Energies ISSN 1996-1073, etc.