Prof. dr. J. (Jop) Groeneweg


Jop Groeneweg graduated cum laude in cognitive psychology in 1985 at Leiden University on the concept of ‘impossible accidents at sea’. His PhD research was aimed at identifying the systemic factors that contribute to incidents. Since 2017 he is Director of the Centre for Safety in healthcare at the TUD. He is also a human factor specialist at Leiden University and TNO, member of the Gezondheidsraad and board member of the Tripod Foundation.


The focus of his research is on quantifying and modelling the factors contributing to a Just culture in organiations (e.g. creating psychological safe teams) and its relation with the organisational learning capabilities and the prevention of incidents.  In 2019 he received the yearly Society of Petroleum Engineers North Sea Regional Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility Award and was nominated for the 2020 Global award.

Health Safety Management in the Medtech-based entrepeneurship minor

Wagenaar, W. A., & Groeneweg, J. (1987). Accidents at sea: Multiple causes and impossible consequences. International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, 27, 587–598.

Burggraaf, J, Groeneweg, J. Sillem, S en van Gelder, P. (2019) How cognitive biases influence the data verification of safety indicators: a case study in rail. Safety, 5(4), 69

Van Kampen, J., van der Beek, A., & Groeneweg, J. (2014). The value of safety indicators. SPE Economics & Management, 5(5), 131–140.

Groeneweg, J., Ter Mors, E., Van Leeuwen, E. and Komen, S. (2018). The long and winding road to a Just Culture. Paper 190594-MS. Proceedings of the SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 16-18 April 2018

Peuscher, W., & Groeneweg. J. (2012). A big oil company’s approach to significantly reduce fatal incidents. Proceedings of the SPE/APPEA conference on Health, Safety and Environment in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production. Perth, Australia. Ref. SPE 157465, Society of Petroleum Engineers, London.

Board member of the Stichting Tripod Foundations

Swuste, P., Zwaard, W., Van Gulijk, C., Oostendorp, Y., Groeneweg, J. and Lemkowitz, S. (2019) Van Veiligheid naar Veiligheidksunde. Vakmedianet.

Jop Groeneweg

Full Professor

Values, Technology and Innovation

Safety and Security Science

Astrid Pinzger-van Staalduinen

Research interests:
Responsible risk management

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