Dr. C. (Chao) Chen


Chao Chen now is leading a research project on HAZMAT storage and transportation resilience and also attending several research projects related to process safety and security in the Safety and Security Science Group. He obtained his doctoral degree in the Safety and Security Science Group, TUDelft in 2021. Besides, He received his Master of Science (MSc) in Safety Engineering of Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation in 2017, Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) in Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation, and Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) in Business Administration in 2014, from Southwest Petroleum University (SWPU), China.


Chao’s research focuses on developing dynamic models for risk assessment and resilience assessment to protect critical infrastructures. Research topics include dynamic risk assessment, resilience assessment, safety economics, safety management, domino effects, HAZMAT storage and transportation.

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  • Chen, C., Reniers, G., & Khakzad, N. (2020). A thorough classification and discussion of approaches for modeling and managing domino effects in the process industries. Safety science, 125, 104618.
  • Chen, C., Reniers, G., & Khakzad, N. (2020). Cost-benefit management of intentional domino effects in chemical industrial areas. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 134, 392-405.
  • Chen, C., Reniers, G., & Khakzad, N. (2019). Integrating safety and security resources to protect chemical industrial parks from man-made domino effects: a dynamic graph approach. Reliability Engineering & System Safety.
  • Chen, C., Reniers, G., & Zhang, L. (2018). An innovative methodology for quickly modeling the spatial-temporal evolution of domino accidents triggered by fire. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 54, 312-324.

Chao Chen

Guest researcher

Values, Technology and Innovation

Safety and Security Science

Astrid Pinzger

Research interests:
Dynamic risk assessment
Domino effect
Safety economics
Digital safety