F. (Filippo) Grillo


Filippo is a PhD candidate at the section of Economics of Technology and Innovation. He has a B.Sc. in Economics and Business Management from LUISS University in Rome, Italy, and two cum laude M.Sc. degrees in Innovation and Industrial Management from LUISS University and the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

He wrote his master’s thesis at the Swedish telecom company Ericsson, on the innovation ecosystems of 5G and smart factories. After graduating, he worked as a consultant at Deloitte Digital and as a project manager at British Telecom plc.


Filippo’s research spans the fields of network economics, organization theory and technology management.

His PhD thesis investigates the conceptual and empirical relationship between standards and platforms. The presence of network effects and increasing returns of scale in both standards and platforms enhances monopolistic markets and have huge impacts on their ecosystems, including society and users.

His research intends to investigate this relationship to enhance collaboration between researchers and practitioners (e.g., policy makers and standard-setting organizations) of standards and platforms. The research is funded by SOONS (Foundation for Research and Education Normalization and Standardization) and NEN (Dutch standard-setting organization).

  • TBM004A: Strategic Management (Business Game)
  • MOT2910: MOT M.Sc. Thesis supervision
  • Standards and Standardization: an Interdisciplinary Literature Review
    Grillo F., Yousefi M., Wiegmann P. M., van de Kaa G., de Vries H. J., Bekkers R. NA - 25th EURAS & SIIT Conference 2021, 2021

Filippo Grillo

PhD Candidate

Values, Technology and Innovation

Economics of Technology and Innovation

Research interests:
Platform innovation
Network analysis
Strategic management