Prof. Dr. M.S. (Marina) van Geenhuizen


  • Full Professor at TPM since 2007. Received PhD from Erasmus University (applied economics); worked at Free University in Amsterdam and Bartlett School of Planning in London.
  • Reviewer of NWO Talent (previously VENI and VIDI) and European Science Foundation.
  • Reviewer of Dutch/Flemish Accreditation Committee of Innovation Studies (2017).
  • Chair of University Fund Delft Marina van Damme price; member of UFD Committee reviewing applications for financial support.
  • Member Editorial advisory board of Technological Forecasting and Social Change.


My research focus is on responsible/sustainable innovation and transition in energy, transport and medical/healthcare systems. My focus is also on effectiveness in knowledge commercialization, including growth of university spin-off firms, living labs, networks, incubators and science parks, and contribution to the regional/urban knowledge economy.

Theoretical perspectives include resource-based view, capabilities and social capital, and urban innovation theory. The approach is often quantitative modelling, eventually illustrated with qualitative case studies.

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Currently, teaching High-Tech Marketing in the Master Management of Technology (MOT 1532) and engaged in Master thesis supervision in the same Master, either as chair or as 1st supervisor. Also, coordinating  and teaching in the Honours Program: Consultancy track and Consultancy project. Previously, teaching Preparation Master-thesis and a course on basics of regional economics and policy. PhDs: supervising four PhD candidates.  

Sustainability innovation in socio-technical systems


  • Geenhuizen, M. van, Ye, Q. (2014) Responsible innovators: open networks on the way to sustainability transitions, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, September 2014, pp. 28-40.

Sustainable energy and transport

  • Geenhuizen, M. van, Schoonman, J., Reijnders, A. (2013) Diffusion of Solar Energy Use in the Built Environment Supported by New Design, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 8, 253-260.
  • Kuiperi, F.T., van Geenhuizen, M.S., Annema, J.A. (2016) Onzekerheid en mogelijke beleidsrichtingen voor gemeenten in aanleg van laadinfrastructuur voor elektrische auto’s. Tijdschrift Vervoerswetenschap, 52 (2) 14-3

Medical and healthcare systems

  • Geenhuizen, M. van (2014) Critical Factors in Health Innovation in Cities: From Ivory Tower to Living Lab. Int. Journal of Global Environmental Issues, 13 (2-4), 258-280. ISSN: online: 1741-5136, ISSN print: 1466-6650.
  • Faber, S., van Geenhuizen, M., de Reuver, M. (2017) E-health adoption factors in medical hospitals (2017): A focus on the Netherlands. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 100, 77-89.


Effectiveness in knowledge transfer/commercialization

Growth of university spin-off firms

  • Soetanto, D.P., van Geenhuizen, M.  (2015) Getting the right balance: university networks’ influence on spin-offs’ attraction of funding for innovation, Technovation  36/37, 26-38. ISSN: 0166-4972.

Performance of university research projects

  • Taheri, M., van Geenhuizen, M. (2016) Teams’ boundary spanning capacity at university. Performance of technology projects in commercialization,   Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 111, 31-43.


  • Stek, P., van Geenhuizen, M. (2016) The influence of international research interaction on national innovation performance: A bibliometric approach,Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 110, 61-70.

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Marina van Geenhuizen

Full Professor

Values, Technology and Innovation

Economics of Technology and Innovation

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Research interests:
Management of responsible innovation
Effectiveness in commercialization of university knowledge, including regional economic impacts through spin-off firm development, projects and networks, living labs, incubators and science parks

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Prof.dr. M.S. van Geenhuizen