Economics of Technology and Innovation

The section Economics of Technology and Innovation (ETI) conducts research and teaching on economic incentives leading to responsible or value-sensitive technological change. Application areas include global warming, affordable and safe energy and water infrastructure, and public health. We aim to fully understand:

  • the “drivers” of technological change in economies, markets and (business) organisations,
  • the societal consequences of that technological change, 
  • and how technological change can be steered in a desirable direction.

More specifically, we are interested in the mutual interactions in socio-technical systems and innovative eco-systems between (a) individuals, organizations and institutions, (b) incentive structures and (c) societal values. We look at those interactions through the lenses of institutional economics and innovation economics and management.

Our work adds to the economic literature of directed technological change by focusing not only on “standard” economic values (such as prices and efficiency), but also on other values (such as safety, sustainability, justice and health), and the conflicts that may occur between different values.