External / contract PhD student or visiting scholar at VTI


Many scholars (including PhD students) from all over the world visit us for cooperation in research. They visit us for short as well as longer periods of time. When there is a job opening for a full PhD position or Tenure Track position at our department, a vacancy will be posted on our website.

The application form on this page can be used to apply as an external or contract PhD student or as a visiting scholar for which there is no specific vacancy.

There are different types of application. For all applications: there will be no employment contract with TU Delft and no financial renumeration from TU Delft.

  • External PhD student: financed personally
  • Contract PhD student scholarship 
  • Contract PhD student Industry: financed by an external employer
  • Visiting scholar: financed by home university. A visiting scholar can be a PhD student / Postdoc / Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Full Professor

The department of VTI has the following procedure for selecting visiting scholars and external / contract PhD candidates. In order to apply for a stay at the department of Values, Technology & Innovation, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify that you fulfil the eligibility criteria;
  2. Fill out and submit the application form on this website; you can upload all necessary documents on this site.

Important dates for all positions

Several times a year the applications are reviewed. Please submit your application before one of these deadlines:

  • January 22nd 2023
  • May 7th 2023
  • September 1st 2023

The results of the applications will be communicated about two weeks after each deadline. 

Eligibility criteria for all positions:

  • Applicant has obtained an MSc or MA degree (for PhD candidates) or a PhD degree (for more senior scholars)
  • Applicant has proof of English proficiency
  • Applicant has proof of livelihood*

If you have doubts about fulfilling the eligibility criteria please contact us at (VTI-tbm@tudelft.nl)

Evaluation Criteria

Amongst others, your application will be evaluated on the excellence of your research proposal and on how well you and your research fit within our department.


Apart from the livelihood mentioned above, there are some other costs.

For each full (4 year) PhD position there is a tuition fee of € 11.000 (one-off), including a travelling and education budget.

For all PhD positions there is a bench fee of € 10.000 per year for supervision. For excellent applications, these costs can sometimes be waived. Please send an email to VTI-tbm@tudelft.nl when you want to apply for a waiver of the tuition and bench fee. Motivate your request in the email.

Go / No Go

At the end of the first year of a full 4 year doctoral programme there will be a go / no go meeting in which the intended promotor makes an assessment, based on a committee’s recommendations, as to whether the doctoral candidate is considered capable of successfully completing the Doctoral Programme. Based on this, the intended promotor will decide whether the Doctoral Programme will proceed (Go) or will be terminated (No Go). Please check the full doctoral regulations on the website of the University Graduate School.

*The IND requirement for 1 person is: € 1.250 for each month of your stay. For a family this is: € 1.750 for each month of your stay.