Dr. N. (Nadia) Metoui


I am an Assistant Professor in Artificial Intelligence and Ethics at TU Delft. Before Joining TU Delft, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Amsterdam. I studied AI-enhanced communication and its impacts on individuals and the society in the areas of politics, health, and commerce. I obtained my industrial PhD in security and privacy in 2018 from the University of Trento. My doctoral research focused on privacy risk-aware access control systems.


My research interests revolve around the topics of AI/ML Interpretability and Explainability (XAI) and AI Ethics. I have experience with machine learning techniques applied to several fields e.g., Natural Language Processing NLP, Recommender systems, Computer Vision. My work currently focuses on multidisciplinary approaches to enhancing moral resilience and sustainability in AI-related technologies and processes. I am also particularly interested in the topics of Equity Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI).

TB241Ib “Java” / Advanced object- oriented programming
Bachelor Technische Bestuurskunde

  • Vrijenhoek, S., Kaya, M., Metoui, N., Möller, J., Odijk, D., and Helberger N. (2021) Recommenders with a mission: assessing diversity in news recommendations. ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval (CHIIR)
  • Dobber, T., Metoui, N., Trilling, D., Helberger, N., & de Vreese, C. (2020) Do (Microtargeted) Deepfakes Have Real Effects on Political Attitudes? International Journal of Press Politics. 
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  • Armando, A., Bezzi, M., Metoui, N., Sabetta, A. (2014) Risk-aware information disclosure. ESORICS QASA 2014 (LNCS, vol. 8872, pp. 266–276).

Nadia Metoui

Assistant professor

Monday till Friday

Engineering Systems and Services

Information and Communication Technology

Ellen Schwencke-Karlas

Research interests:

AI and Ethics
Explainable AI

AI security
Data security and privacy
Personalized and AI-enhanced communication
AI-Mediated disinformation (e.g., Deep Fake)