Dr.ir. M.d.M. (María del Mar) Pérez-Fortes


Mar Pérez-Fortes is a tenure track assistant professor at ESS (E&S group) at TPM, since November 2020. She received her Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (Spain) in 2005. She finished her PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2011 (Spain). After a postdoctoral position in USA, she joined the Joint Research Centre (the Netherlands) in 2013, up to 2016. In 2017-2020, she was a scientist in Switzerland. Her research has focused and focuses on the techno-economic assessment of emerging technologies (mainly bioenergy, CO2 capture and use and electrochemical devices).


Her research has addressed the evaluation of alternative energy systems that are at low technology readiness level. The methodology used is a conceptual design approach, within the fields of process system engineering, renewable energies and circular economy, through optimisation and modelling techniques. With her results she has supported private sector, European policies and projects decisions. In her current position, she focuses on the evaluation of CO2 electrochemical conversion as a potential technology that can support the decarbonisation of the chemical sector and the transition towards a renewable electricity grid.

  • Pérez-Fortes M, Mian A, Santhanam S, Wang L, Diethelm S, Varkaraki E, Mirabelli I, Makkus R, Schoon R, Maréchal F and Van herle J (2019), Design of a pilot SOFC system for the combined production of hydrogen and electricity under refueling station requirements. Fuel Cells 19, 4, p. 389-407.
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  • Pérez-Fortes M, Bojarski AD and Puigjaner L (2011), Advanced simulation environment for clean power production in IGCC plants. Computers & Chemical Engineering, special issue on Energy and Sustainability 35, p.1501-1520.

Addressing the multi-scale challenge of electrochemical conversion implementation (NWO ECCM tenure track grant) (2020-2025). Principal investigator. The project will develop a framework to assess CO2 electrochemical systems at different scales of deployment by integrated insights from technology, economics, value chains and policy aspects.   

  • Guest Associate Editor for Frontiers in Energy Research (since 2018)
  • External reviewer of papers in indexed journals (since 2010)
  • Master in International Business Administration (2009)
  • Laínez-Aguirre JM, Pérez-Fortes M and Puigjaner L (2017), Efficient design of biomass-based supply chains: A key component of a sustainable energy system, in Advances in Energy Systems Engineering, from the Innovation Activities in Low Carbon Energy Technologies series, Chapter 24 (35 pp). Ed. Georgios M. Kopanos, Pei Liu, Michael C. Georgiadis. Editorial Springer International
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María del Mar Pérez-Fortes

Assistant Professor

Engineering Systems and Services

Energy and Industry

Priscilla Hanselaar

Research interests:
Process system engineering
Conceptual design
Techno-economic analysis
Supply chain management
Carbon capture and utilisation
Emerging technologies