Dr. E.J.E. (Eric) Molin


Eric Molin is an associate professor in Transport Policy and Travel Behavior. He received a PhD. degree at Eindhoven University of Technology (1999) and a Masters of Arts (Drs.) degree in Sociology at Radboud University, Nijmegen (1989), with a specialization in social research methods. Previously he worked as a research fellow at Netherlands Statistics (CBS), Maastricht University and Eindhoven University of Technology.
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My main interest is in behavioral modeling of travel behavior to generate policy relevant insights. Topics of my research involve modeling multimodal choices and acceptance of new transport technology. I have specialized in developing advanced stated choice experiments, such as context dependent ~, group ~, and HII experiments, which allow studying complex behavior. In addition, I have ample experience with measuring and modeling of attitudes and perceptions and with applying a wide range of multivariate data analysis and discrete modeling techniques.
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  • Statistical Analysis of Choice Behaviour
    Master Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Man.
    ECTS: 5
  • Travel Behaviour Research
    Master Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Man.
    ECTS: 5
  • Multivariate data-analyse technieken
    Bachelor Technische Bestuurskunde
    ECTS: 5

Lecturing activities

  • Arentze, T.A. and E.J.E. Molin (2013), Travelers’ preferences in multimodal networks: design and results of a comprehensive series of choice experiments, Transportation Research Part A, 58, 15-28.
  • Bos, Ilona D.M., Rob E.C.M. Van der Heijden, Eric J.E. Molin and Harry J.P. Timmermans (2004), The Choice of Park & Ride Facilities: An Analysis Using a Context-Dependent Hierarchical Choice Experiment, Environment and Planning A,36(9), 1673 â€“ 1686.
  • Molin, E. (2005), A causal analysis of hydrogen acceptance, Transportation Research Records, no.1941, 115-121.
  • Molin, E., P. Mokhtarian and M. Kroesen (2016), Multimodal travel groups and attitudes: A latent class cluster analysis of Dutch Travelers, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 83, 14-29.
  • Molin, E.J.E., H. Oppewal and H.J.P. Timmermans (1999), Group-based versus Individual-based Conjoint Preference Models of Residential Preferences: A Comparative Test, Environment and Planning A, 31(11), 1935-1947.
  • Molin, E.J.E. and H.J.P. Timmermans (2006), Traveler expectations and willingness to pay for Web-enabled Public Transport Information Services. Transportation Research Part C,14(2), 57-67.

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