Dr. J. (Jafar) Rezaei


Jafar Rezaei is an associate professor and Head of Section Transport and Logistics. He did his Ph.D. at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM), Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). He has a background in Operations Research, and has published in several peer-reviewed journals. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Supply Chain Management Science. In 2015, he developed the Best Worst Method (BWM).


His main research interests are freight transport modeling and analysis, supply chain partnership, supplier selection and segmentation, multi-objective and multi-criteria decision-making.

He was named to the Highly Cited Researcher list (Web of Science) in 2020 and 2021.

  • Multi-criteria Decision Analysis
    Technology, Policy and Management MSc course
    ECTS: 5
  • Advanced Evaluation Methods for Transport Policy Decision-making
    Master Complex Systems Engineering & Management
    ECTS: 5



  • Rezaei, J., Best-worst multi-criteria decision-making method: Some properties and a linear model, Omega, Vol. 64, pp. 126-130.
  • Rezaei, J., 2015. Best-Worst Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Method, Omega, Vol. 53, pp. 49–57.
  • Rezaei, J., 2015. A two-way approach to supply chain partner selection, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 53, Iss. 16, pp. 4888–4902.
  • Rezaei, J., 2014. Economic order quantity for growing items, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 155, pp. 109–113.

More publications

  • Geqie Sun; Topic: Behavioral decision-making; December 2021-present
  • Weronika Gaska; Topic: Cancer treatment; November 2021-present
  • Mohammad Satouri; Topic: Cancer treatment; September 2021-present
  • Fuqi Liang; Topic: Best Worst Method, October 2017-December 2021
  • Shahrzad Nikghadam; Topic: Port performance management; October 2017-present
  • Kailan Wu, Topic: Green supply chain management; October 2017-present
  • Patrick Fahim; Topic: Physical Internet; February 2017-present
  • Wenhua Qu; Topic: Network optimization and synchromodality; January 2017-July 2021
  • Alexander Onstein; Topic: Logistics distribution structure; September 2016-December 2021
  • Kartika Nurhayati; Topic: Decision chain in supply chain management; October 2016-present
  • Masoud Khakdaman; Topic: Synchromodality; March 2016-September 2021
  • Karimah Wan Ahmad; Topic: Sustainable supply chain management in oil and gas industry; August 2012-September 2016


The conferences in which I have been co-organizer/reviewer:

  • Stream Chair
    26th International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making
    26 June-1July 2022, Portsmouth, UK
  • Chair
    The Third International Workshop on Best-Worst Method
    09-10 June 2022, Delft, The Netherlands 
  • Chair
    The Second International Workshop on Best-Worst Method
    10-11 June 2021, Delft, The Netherlands 
  • Chair
    The First International Workshop on Best-Worst Method
    11-12 June 2020, Delft, The Netherlands 
  • International Scientific Committee
    Global Joint Conference on Industrial Engineering and Its Application Areas
    02-03 September 2019, Gazimagusa, TRNC
  • Chair
    The 87th conference of the EURO Working Group on Multi Criteria Decision Aiding
    05-07 April 2018, Delft, The Netherlands 
  • Program committee:
    XIX International Conference on Systems Science
    7-9 September 2016, Wrocław, Poland
  • Session co-organizer (organizing a special session together with Prof. Rommert Dekker on Multi-Criteria Decision-Making in Transportation and Logistics):
    18th conference of the EURO Working Group on Transportation (EWGT2015)
    14-16 July 2015, Delft, Netherlands
  • Review Committee:
    2014 IEEE International Technology Management Conference & 20th ICE Conference
    23-25 June 2014, Bergamo, Italy
  • Organizing committee and review committee:
    2013 IEEE International Technology Management Conference & 19th ICE Conference
    24-26 June 2013, The Hague, Netherlands

Editorial and Review Activities:

Reviewer for (a selection):

  • International Journal of Production Research
  • International Journal of Production Economics
  • Omega
  • European Journal of Operational Research
  • Journal of Operational Research Society
  • IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
  • Computers & Industrial Engineering
  • Applied Mathematical Modeling
  • Expert Systems with Applications
  • Industrial Marketing Management
  • International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications


  • Rezaei, J., 2016. A matchmaking assignment model for supply chain partnership, In: H. Kotzab, J. Pannek, K.D. Thoben (Eds.), Dynamics in Logistics, pp. 577-586, Springer International Publishing. (ISBN: 978-3-319-23511-0
  • Rezaei, J., and Ortt, R., 2012. Two multi-criteria approaches to supplier segmentation, In: J. Frick and B. Laugen (Eds.): APMS 2011, IFIP AICT 384, pp. 317–325, Springer Heidelberg Dordrecht London New York. (ISBN: 978-3-642-33979-0)
  • Davoodi, M., Mohades, A. and Rezaei, J., 2009. A genetic algorithm for the constrained coverage problem. In: J. Mehnen, M. Köppen, A. Saad and A. Tiwari (Eds.), Applications of Soft Computing, Vol. 58, pp. 347-356, Springer Berlin/Heidelberg. (ISBN: 978-3-540-89618-0)
  • Rezaei, J. and M. Davoodi, 2006. Genetic algorithm for inventory lot-sizing with supplier selection under fuzzy demand and costs, In: M. Ali and R. Dapoigny (Eds.), Advances in Applied Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 4031, pp. 1100-1110, Springer Berlin/Heidelberg. (ISBN: 978-3-540-35453-6)
  • Rezaei, J., 2006. Application of fuzzy AHP for determining the most important affecting factors on pistachio export, In: A. Javanshah, E. Facelli, M. Wirthensohn, Acta Horticulturae, No. 726, pp. 695-700, Tehran, Iran. (ISBN: 978-90-66057-09-8)
  • Rezaei, J. and Davoodi, M., 2005. Multi-item fuzzy inventory model with three constraints: genetic algorithm approach. In: S. Zhang and R. Jarvis, Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 3809, pp. 1120-1125, Springer Berlin/ Heidelberg. (ISBN: 978-3-540-30462-3)


Jafar Rezaei

Associate Professor

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logistics

Cherelle Nieuwenhuis

Research interests:
Multi-criteria decision-making
Supply chain management
Inventory management
Freight transport

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