Dr.ir. G.A. (Mark) de Reuver


Dr ir Mark de Reuver is Associate Professor at Delft University of Technology, Faculty Technology Policy and Management, Section Information and Communication Technology. His research focuses on Digital Platforms in Engineering Systems, with specific interest in architectural design choices, openness and business models. He received a PhD from Delft University of Technology. He is Senior Editor of Electronic Markets.
He is also Adjunct Associate Professor at Telecom Business School, France.


Digital platforms are emerging in any engineering industry. Through platforms, organizations make their technologies and data available to third parties. Architectural design choices, such as the openness of platforms, have great implications, both economically (e.g. new business models) and societally (e.g. privacy and safety risks). My research program develops foundational, integrative theory for understanding the implications of open platforms in a digital world. Application domains include Internet-of-Things and data marketplaces. 

  • TB141IA Information & Communication in Organizations
  • MOT2312 Research methods
  • SEN1621 I&C Services Design
  • SEN1641 I&C Integrated Design 
  • Cluster coordinator I&C courses BSc TB and MSc COSEM
  • Coordinator of MSc specialization ICT Design & Management
  • Athanasopoulou, A., De Reuver, M., Nikou, S., & Bouwman, H. (2019). What technology enabled services impact business models in the automotive industry? An exploratory study. Futures, 109, 73-83. 
  • De Reuver, M., Sørensen, C., & Basole, R. C. (2018). The digital platform: a research agenda. Journal of Information Technology, 33(2), 124-135. 
  • Derikx, S., De Reuver, M., & Kroesen, M. (2016). Can privacy concerns for Internet-of-things enabled connected car services be compensated? A discrete choice experiment on mobile insurance services. Electronic Markets, 26(1), 73-81
  • De Reuver, M., & Bouwman, H. (2015). Dealing with self-report bias in mobile Internet acceptance and usage studies. Information & Management, 52(3), 287-294.
  • De Reuver, M., Verschuur, E., Nikayin, F., Cerpa, N., & Bouwman, H. (2015). Collective action for mobile payment platforms: A case study on collaboration issues between banks and telecom operators. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 14 (5), 331-344.
  • Nikayin, F., De Reuver, M., Heikkila, M., & Solaimani, S. (2014). Workplace Primary Prevention Programs Enabled by Information and Communication Technology. Technology Forecasting and Social Change, 89, 326-332
  • De Reuver, M., & Haaker, T. (2009). Designing viable business models for context-aware mobile services. Telematics and Informatics, 26 (3), 240-248

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Data-driven business models are a key engine of our digitised society. To achieve data-driven innovation, it is important that companies also share data. Examples include sharing data with competitors in order to understand changes in consumer behaviour or with partners to enable smarter deliveries of goods. Various data marketplace platforms already exist, but struggle to take off and often fail to progress beyond the pilot phase. With the SafeDEED project, TU Delft collaborates with a consortium of European companies and universities to develop technologies to help these kinds of marketplaces get off the ground and become successful. 

  • 2017-01-01-2020-01-01 Doceren – Telecom Business School (Brancheorganisatie: Onderwijs)

Mark de Reuver

Associate Professor

Engineering Systems and Services

Information and Communication Technology

Ellen Schwencke-Karlas

Research interests:
Digital platforms
ICT Architecting
Data platforms
Platform ecosystems
Digital business models

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