E. (Ema) Gusheva


Ema Gusheva is a PhD candidate in the Energy and Industry Group. Her research focus/main research area is the science-policy interface of the European energy transition. Prior to joining TU Delft, Ema worked with the United Nations Development Programme on supporting the Government of North Macedonia implement the Paris Agreement. Her qualifications include a European Master in System Dynamics from the University of Bergen, Radboud University and University of Palermo and a Bachelor from City University of London.


Models are used to inform policymaking in the energy transition, yet the process of translating quantitative model results to policy is not clear. It is clear, however, that models aren’t accessible and transparent enough to facilitate a model-based public debate. Ema studies the link between model results and policy narratives within a EU-wide model inter-comparison exercise, shedding light on issues such as the effect of cost assumptions on share of renewables in the energy mix or the effect of resource availability assumptions on consumer energy prices.


European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum. A H2020 project whose aim is to innovate the science-policy interface through a novel IT-based communications channel, which enables researchers and policymakers to co-develop pressing policy research questions and recommendations alongside other societal stakeholders. 

Its scope include ambitious European energy and climate policy goals - in particular the European Green Deal and the transformation to a climate neutral society.

Ema Gusheva

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Energy and Industry

Research interests:
Energy Transition
Science-policy interface
System Dynamics
Common Pool Resources