Dr. B.D. (Boriana) Rukanova


I am currently working on the CORE EU project which aims to demonstrate how information infrastructures for international trade can facilitate supply chain visibility, reduce administrative burden and facilitate trade. In CORE I am involved in R&D related to public-private governance, in key project demonstrators and management tasks. My activities in CORE are a continuation of earlier R&D work that I did in the ITAIDE EU project at the VU University Amsterdam.


Information infrastructures for international trade hold the promise to increase supply chain visibility, improve safety and security, reduce administrative burdens and accelerate trade. The fundamental question however is How to create the proper environment to foster the development of such infrastructures in a complex multi-stakeholder environment? Key topics of my research include mobilization of collective action for initiation and upscaling of such infrastructures, cost/ benefit sharing, and public- private governance.

  • I&C in Organisaties (TB141IA) 
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Core EU Project


  • Tan, Y.H., Bjorn-Andersen, N., Klein, S., Rukanova, B. (2010). Accelerating Global Supply Chains with IT-innovation. Edited Book, Springer
  • Rukanova, B.D. (2005). Business Transactions and Standards: Towards a System of Concepts and a Method for Early Problem Identification in Standard Implementation Projects, PhD Thesis. Febo Druk BV., Enschede.


ITAIDE video on Accelerating global supply chains with IT innovation

Boriana Rukanova

R&D CORE EU Project

Engineering Systems and Services

Information and Communication Technology

Ellen Schwencke-Karlas

Research interests:
International Trade information
Public-Private Governance
Cost-benefit and business models
Collective action
Innovation and adoption

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