Y. (Ying) Zhang


I am a visiting PhD student of the ICT section of ESS. I am a PhD student of Zhejiang University in China now, and I have a background of Public Administration and Finance. My research focuses on open government data, with specific interest in the relationship between open government and citizen, open government data policies, digital government and government performance. I am also a member of the Chinese Society for Artificial Intelligence.


My research interests focuses on open government data capability, citizen engagement and the use of open government data. Only the usage of open government data and improving the open government data capability of governments will result in the creation of value and improve citizen engagement with open government data. My research will help to improve the creation of public value, which is considered as essential for understanding the ‘open government’ domain.

Ying Zhang

Visting Researcher


Engineering Systems and Services

Information and Communication Technology

Ellen Schwencke