Dr. S.L. (Sharlene) Gomes


Sharlene is a post-doc researcher in the Policy Analysis section at the Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management. Her current research is focused on water policy issues in peri-urban India. Sharlene is interested in methods like adaptation pathways, gaming-simulations to improve decision-making in the water sector.

Sharlene completed her PhD from TU Delft in 2019. During this time she developed the ‘Approach for Participatory Institutional Analysis’ to build capacity for problem solving in the urbanising Ganges delta. This approach has since been picked up for further application in Bangladesh by researchers at TU Delft, Deltares, and Jagrata Juba shangha in the project ‘Capacity for Participatory Institutional Analysis’ funded by NWO’s UDW: Connecting Worlds of Knowledge programme.

She has an MSc degree from the University of Oxford in Water Science, Policy, and Management. Sharlene has also worked internationally as a policy analyst intern on topics such as economic development, WASH funding in Canada, and UN policymaking. 


Sharlene currently works in the transnational research project ‘H2O-T2S in urban fringe areas’. It is one of seven Dutch projects funded by NWO’s Transformations to Sustainability programme. The project analyses transformation processes in urban fringe areas of Indian metropolitan cities. This trans-disciplinary project is implemented in the urban fringe areas of Kolkata, Pune and Hyderabad. Sharlene’s research explores the adaptive capacity and resilience in these areas to water related vulnerabilities. Her work offers insight into how existing institutions support or constrain adaptation and resilience. As part of this project, she is piloting the adaptive pathways approach to help local stakeholders identify more sustainable future pathways. Workshops will include government agencies, local communities and key scientific experts that bring in further knowledge needed in addition to the knowledge generated by the project researchers. 

  • Course instructor in Actor and Strategy Models (EPA1144)
  • MSc thesis supervisor
  • H2O-T2S in Urban Fringe Areas (2018 – 2021)
  • Capacity for Participatory Institutional Analysis (2020)
  • Shifting Grounds: Institutional transformation, enhancing knowledge and capacity to manage groundwater security in peri-urban Ganges delta systems (2014 – 2018)

Sharlene Gomes

Postdoctoral Researcher

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