Policy Modelling Lab

The Hague

The Policy Modelling Lab is one of four Labs of the Multi-Actor Systems department at TPM, and the only one based in the city of the Hague. At the Policy Modelling Lab, our researchers apply - together with client organizations and EPA MSc students - the latest data-analysis, problem structuring, policy modelling, and exploratory simulation approaches to better understand and support decision making in the context of complex dynamic uncertain issues with respect to so-called Grand Challenges (migration, geopolitics, energy transitions, et cetera). At the Policy Modelling Lab, researchers work on applied (quantitative) policy research for ministries, planning bureaus, and institutes in The Hague, the Netherlands, and the rest of the world.

The Policy Modelling Lab is a lab with a very strong “Delft” profile (computational systemic), which is unique in The Hague. It showcases the usefulness of computational and systems approaches applied and developed at TU Delft, and taught at the EPA MSc programme in The Hague.

The Policy Modelling Lab is well connected to research related to modelling and simulation performed at TPM, as well as to the other MAS labs: The Humanitarian Technology Lab, the Gaming Lab, and the SimLab).

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