PVE is involved in the education of students from different faculties and universities in various ways. For example, we supervise different graduates every year and students are more than welcome to do a research project with us. We also have a monthly thesis circle for graduates, in which students give feedback on each other's graduation projects and share tips or findings. Whether you are interested in complex transport problems, healthcare, or the energy transition: PVE has many different applications.

Students value using the PVE tool for their research, because it allows them to easily apply a digital tool that is based on proven methodology and yields tangible results on citizens preferences on government policies. Conducting a PVE is also feasible within a given thesis time frame. However, depending on their background, some students are interested in working with our established data-base of previous cases or joining our on-going cases, whereas others focus on specific questions such as democratic inclusiveness of the tool or natural language processing of the qualitative motivations and yet others are applying the tool in new domains, such as in a cooperate environment.

Are you interested in using PVE as a graduation method? Or are you curious about which graduation projects have been done so far? You can find out more on this page!