Limitless possibilities

CSI The Hague is only one of the many applications of mediated reality. And developments are continuing. The Systems Engineering section at TU Delft, for example, is already working on the next step.

Virtual Co-location (VC), or in other words: everyone can find themselves anywhere in the world without physically being there. This is convenient in the building industry, for example:in order to solve technically complex problems during a building project, different engineers are often necessary. VC enables them to visit the building site and carry out the same tasks as if they were there in person. And the medical world can also reap the benefits of VC.Remote surgery is already in common use, but something new is that now a second expert is able to look on and join in. In addition, VC is perfectly suited to training purposes, such as in aerospace. ESA astronauts can then already undergo virtual training for equipment that is still being developed. In short, the list of possible applications is limitless.