Genserik Reniers

Bitten by the safety bug

Prof. Genserik Reniers (1974) is a Professor of Safety of Hazardous Materials at TU Delft. The Civil Engineer and Doctor of Applied Economic Sciences also teaches at the Brussels’ campus of the University of Leuven and a is guest professor at the University of Antwerp.

He acquired his passion for safety during his PhD research on developing a cluster safety culture in the chemical industry. “During debates with colleagues and people from the industry, I realised how mulitidisciplinary and widespread the subject of safety is. That's when I was bitten by the safety bug. And, since 9/11, this has been joined by a healthy interest in security. After all, the essence is the same: dealing with uncertainty. My area of research is extremely broad. There is always something new to learn, and that makes it fascinating. There are also many overlaps with other disciplines, such as chemistry, engineering, psychology and economics, which are also passions of mine.”