TU Delft | The Hague

Since 2015, the TU Delft has been conducting research and education in The Hague; city of peace, justice and security. A student body of international master students study Engineering and Policy Analysis, and research groups working on the intersection of ethics, social science, computer science and engineering together engage with societal ‘Grand Challenges’.

These activities are grounded in the conviction that the hyper-connectivity and interdependencies of our current world require interdisciplinary interventions. TU Delft in the Hague works on:

  • Technologically supported ways to meaningfully involve citizens, experts and professionals in dealing with our common problems;
  • Accessing the best scientific evidence, utilizing smart and big data;
  • Deploying and representing a plurality of scientific theories and models;
  • Outcomes of simulations, exploratory modeling and advanced decision support, to help us to justify shared policies and policy based interventions.

On our high tech campus of Delft in The Hague, policy and decision makers work with Delft staff and students in collaborative settings. In this way Delft contributes to innovation and high entrepreneurship for peace and global justice, becoming a crucial part of the eco-system of The Hague. 

Study in The Hague