TU Delft campus full of marveled faces

News - 30 October 2022 - TU Delft | Dream Hall

TU Delft opened its doors to families last Sunday for the annual free Science Day, organized by the TU Delft Science Centre. More than 3,000 visitors, young and old, came to meet TU Delft, startups, foundations and other local organizations this weekend.

At various locations, such as the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, The Green Village, The Dream Hall and TU Delft Science Centre, people could discover more about the studies that TU Delft has to offer in a playful way. The fact that it all had to be accessible was mainly due to the target group of 6 to 12 years. Throughout the day, children could experience technology and discover it for themselves. TU Delft students were also present and talked about their projects with great enthusiasm. A visitor said: “The enthusiasm of the students is contagious. Even tiles become interesting when students talk about them.”

There were also various workshops to follow, so the children could get started building a robot, program in Minecraft, make a sieve to remove microplastics from the water and make a paper rocket. They were also encouraged to explore “50 Tools before the age of 12” through a poster. A subtle way to encourage children to create and discover for themselves.

The most spectacular must have been the Science Shows. During these dazzling shows, children saw the -fantastic- magic of science and technology. Entire hovercraft were built and many explosive tests were done. An enthusiastic 7-year-old spectator commented: “The Mad Science show was reeeeeeally fun (these e's had to be mentioned according to the young visitor)!”

TU Delft Science Center remains committed to making technology and science as accessible as possible. Director Michael van de Meer says: “We try to make young and old enthusiastic to do their own research. The world needs makers. They are known for their out-of-the-box thinking and we try to encourage that mentality. As a Science Centre, we organize various events for all kinds of target groups, but Science Day is specifically for the very youngest. By offering this day for free, we really want to give all residents of Delft and the surrounding area an experience. So, you can count on another Science Day next year.”

All in all, it was a true technology spectacle spread over the TU Delft campus.

A few more quotes from visitors:

“I found that glass where I had to laugh or look angry to adjust the tint hilarious. And I also want to have an exoskeleton that allows people to walk again.” – Sven, 7 years old.

“Enthusiastic is the right word. My child can hardly stop telling me what was fun. Not only is he enthusiastic, Grandpa was also hard to pull away from all the futuristic vehicles. A really successful day for young and older people.” – Patricia, 35 years old.

“I think the coolest thing is the Hyperloop. That it can go 1000 kilometers per hour” – boy, 11 years old.

“It was super fun. We have been amazed” – Natasja

"Everything! Friendly/helpful students. Thank you all very much and my compliments to you all.” - Z. Yucel

This event has been made possible in part by the Foundation for Help to Delft Youth, Municipality of Delft, Stichting de Lichtboei, Ondernemersfonds Delft and TU Delft.


Foto credits @TU Delft Science Centre

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