Call for Climate ideas

The TU Delft Climate Institute conducts climate-related scientific research, combines TU Delft's expertise in interfaculty research and coordinates participation in national and international programmes. TU Delft sets itself the objective of presenting and positioning the TU Delft Climate Institute internationally as being evidence based and research driven.

The TU Delft Climate Institute focuses on:

•    increasing international cooperation
•    intensifying interfaculty collaboration
•    inviting national and international guest scientists
•    inviting talented junior researchers
•    organising lectures and workshops for academic staff and PhD candidates
•    stimulating climate-oriented initiatives.

The scientific focus at present is on the themes Urban Climate, Radiation Balance, Ice & Sea Level Change, Water Cycle, and  Geo-engineering.

Call for Climate Ideas
The Delft Climate Institute's Call for Climate Ideas Programme offers financial assistance to students and members of staff at TU Delft to realise ideas for climate-related research or climate-related study activities.

We are open to all kinds of ideas, large and small, that are related to the Delft Climate Institute’s objective and where the development of the idea leads to a tangible result (event, video presentation, poster presentation, prototype, graduation project, conference paper, etc.)

Level of sponsorship
The following sponsorship contributions in four categories are indicative:




€ 1,250


€ 2,500


€ 5,000


If well-founded, variant amounts are possible


Requests can be submitted via Herman Schoffelen, secretary of the TU Delft Climate Institute < > accompanied by a concise description (no more than an A4) of the idea and possible elaboration.

Herman Russchenberg, director of research of the Delft Climate Institute, will decide on granting the requested subsidy contribution.

In the case of a positive decision, the applicant will receive a substantial contribution towards expenses for the further development of the idea.


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