Marie Curie Fellowship

TU Delft Climate Institute aims to bring together the data driven climate-related research taking place at the University. Currently the institute is focusing on four research themes: ‘Extreme weather and the city’, ‘Aerosols, radiation and clouds’, ‘Observation & validation of sea level rise and mass transport’, and ‘Climate information and policy’.

Spread all over the campus of TU Delft you can find researchers working on the topic 'climate', either by producing climate sensors, by producing models that describe our climate or by working on ways to cope with climate change. In TU Delft Climate Institute their expertise is brought together.

Within this highly multidisciplinary context and especially at the intersections, TU Delft Climate Institute welcomes all innovative Marie Curie fellowship proposals.

Do join us and together we will aim:

  • To build a leading authority on data-based climate knowledge for mitigation, adaptation and policy
  • To initiate joint research programs with national (CESAR) and international partners
  • To initiate and/or define outstanding research infrastructure programs at the Cesar Observatory and other locations


We advise to plan your application according to the following schedule:



We welcome all proposals in the disciplines we are active in and especially at their intersections. After receiving your draft proposal, you will receive an confirmation E-mail and the request to send your CV.

More information

  • Read more about the fellowships on the official Horizon 2020 Marie Curie website
  • Read the testimonial of Marie Curie Fellow Amir Tabakovic
  • Read TU Delft’s general Information for International Staff
  • Get in contact about your ideas on a proposal with our staff